IMG_0713 The Lower Hudson Council of Administrative Women in Education (LHCAWE) membership is comprised of educators from K-12 environments, regional/state BOCES/RESCs, associations, state education departments, higher education, and the corporate/business/political world. LHCAWE is the Lower Hudson organization of the New York State Association for Women in Administration (NYSAWA). We are dedicated to advancing women in educational leadership in three states (NY, CT, NJ) and 90 districts.


The LHCAWE empowers women to lead in educational administrative roles that reflect the unique perspective of women.

LHCAWE Mission

The Lower Hudson Council of Administrative Women in Education is an organization which functions at the local level to advance women in educational leadership. We achieve this by providing and developing leadership, advocacy, education, expertise, mentoring, and strategic alliances. Our mission focuses on four areas:

  • Provide educational programs to foster professional growth and development in administration;
  • Encourage professional interaction amongst educators;
  • Increase professional and community awareness of the roles of women in education and encourage the acceptance of women in educational leadership roles;
  • Develop and disseminate educational materials to promote equal opportunity for women administrators.

LHCAWE History

The Association of Women Administrators in Westchester (AWAW) was founded in 1978 by a steering committee headed by Dr. Barbara Mason. Four years later, a statewide organization, NYSAWA (New York State Association for Women in Administration), was formed and AWAW merged with this organization. Currently known as Lower Hudson Council of Administrative Women in Education (LHCAWE), the Organization maintains its commitment to supporting its members in becoming and growing as leaders in the field of education.

The organization has been evolving over a 30 year period…thank you for your support! We invite all active, aspiring, and retired women administrators to participate. We hold a Fall Open House (September or October) and three dinner meetings/presentations during the year—November, March and May. We offer career development before each dinner meeting/5-6:00pm; dinner/6-6:45pm; a thematic program (presentation or panel discussion)/6:45-7:45pm; as well as provide additional services throughout the year (i.e. resume review, networking directory, etc.).

Executive Board

The Executive Board consists of Officers and Directors. The Officers are: President, President-Elect, Secretary and Treasurer. Each Director shall have the responsibility for one of the following: Career Development & Dinner Program, Membership, Public Relations, Publications, Web Site, Mentor-Mentee Program, Facilities, Mentor-Mentee Program, and Web Site.


-Any member may apply for an open position (Officer or Director) by completing an application online.
Please complete and submit the application by April 30.
-The election of Officers and Directors will be held during the Spring Dinner Meeting before May 30.

Other Women Educational Administrative Associations

New York State Administrative Women’s Association (NYSAWA)

American Association of School Administrators (AASA)

Meet our LHCAWE Executive Board Officers

Dr. Sonya Abbye Taylor, President
Christine Leamon, President-Elect
Sonya Haskins, Secretary
Miriam Skrivanek, Treasurer

Meet our Chairpersons & Committee Members

Michelle Kaprinski, Program/Career Chair
Dr. Betsy Smith, Program/Career
Dr. Karen Pinel, Membership Chair
Dr. JoAnne Ferrara, Public Relations
Dr. Andrea Coddett , Public Relations
Andrea Hamilton, Facilities Chair
Diana Vukel, Registration Chair
Dr. Marie Amoruso, Registration
Lucia De Rosa, Ad Hoc
Dr. Rosemary Uzzo, Ad Hoc

Past Presidents

Karen Kellogg, 2015-2016
Dr. Valencia Douglas, 2014-2015
Dr. Becky Hamman, 2012-2014
Dr. Jennifer Schulman, 2010-2012
Tina Longo, 2009-2010
Dr. Susan Sciascia, 1997-1998 & 2009 (Re-Founded LHCAWE)
Dr. Barbara Ferraro, 1996-1997
Dr. Jan P. Hammond, 1995-1996
Mary Cain, 1994-1995
Dr. Sandra Kolk, 1993-1994
Dr. Marjorie Castro, 1992-1993
Dr. Rennie Wrubel, 1991-1992
Martiza McCaskill, 1990-1991
Marie Genteale, 1989-1990
Henne Starace, 1988-1989
Ruth Joseph, 1987-1988
Dr. Cynthia Randazzo, 1986-1987
Dr. Laura Harckham, 1985-1986
Dr. Claire Lavin, 1983-1985
Leah Rukeyser, 1981-1983
Dr. Clara Orsini-Romano, 1979-1981
Dr. Barbara Mason, 1978-1979 (Founder of AWAW/LHCAWE)

Award Recipients

Barbara Mason Distinguished Achievement Award…recognizes a leader who,
through sustained contributions or a singular exemplary act, embodies the
goals of the organization.

-Dr. Charlene Jordan, Assistant Superintendent, Rockland BOCES, 2014-2015
-Dr. Claudia Edwards, Associate Professor, St. John Fisher College at the
College of New Rochelle, 2013-2014

Susan Sciascia Exemplary Mentorship Award…recognizes an individual who,
through her/his leadership in mentoring, has made a significant difference
in the career path(s) of women or of a leader in educational administration.

-Dr. Florence Taylor, Principal PK-2, Yonkers Public Schools, 2014-2015
-Dr. Jan Hammond, Executive Director of Educational Administration, Long
Island University, 2013-2014

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