Member Benefits


Regardless of where you are in your career, LHCAWE provides educational and professional development experiences to improve your personal and professional leadership skills. LHCAWE membership has incredible value:

  • Networking
  • Administrator Workshops
  • Mentor-Mentee Program
  • Advocacy Committees/Working Groups
  • Awards


LHCAWE is a trusted source of important information.

-Our on-line newsletter highlights individuals and issues affecting women leaders in education today.

-Our web site also alerts you to ongoing opportunities that can change
your life.


It is critical that women in educational leadership form a cohesive group to advocate for each other in support of becoming leaders in the field of education.

LHCAWE membership is an incredible experience:
       Inspiration. Information. Education. You will receive it all as a member of LHCAWE.

To enjoy these benefits and more, join LHCAWE today!

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