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Administrator Workshops

To learn the steps in getting hired for a K-12 educational leadership position, join LHCAWE’s January and/or February Administrator Workshop session(s). We will be offering specific workshops for those aspiring to be superintendents, assistant superintendents, principals, assistant principals or in some other central office position (business manager, directors, etc.). These workshops will be facilitated by women leaders who are currently serving in these roles.

Mentor-Mentee Program

To provide or receive mentoring in a one-to-one relationship, sign up for LHCAWE’s mentor-mentee program where you can provide or receive guidance on a variety of administrative topics.  In order to get started, please complete our Mentor-Mentee Program Form online.  We will contact you immediately and work directly with you once we have found a mentor or mentee.

Executive Board and Committee Member Elections

Any member may apply for an open position (Officer or Director) by completing an application online. Please complete and submit the application by April 30. The election of Officers and Directors will be held during the Spring Dinner Meeting.

Award Nominations

The Barbara Mason Distinguished Achievement Award is designed to recognize a leader  who, through sustained contributions or a singular exemplary act, embodies the goals of the organization.

The Susan Sciascia Exemplary Mentorship Award is designed to recognize an individual who, through her/his leadership in mentoring, has made a significant difference in the career path(s) of women or of a leader in educational administration.

Click here for the LHCAWE Award flyer.

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